The Territory
Violation of territorial boundaries

Attempts to find out the motives for the violation of boundaries led to the blind egocentric force of nature, in which everything is welcoming life, reflected in the mirror of conformal consciousness; which requires the continuation of life unconsciously and asserts its dominance intentionally; in which everything intrudes and destroys with no mercy, if to get closer to it without a weapon and look without illusions, remaining on the territory. Where from there's no escape.

... reflected in the mirror of consciousness, in which the trivial fragments remained in memory, but the significant were erased for some reason.

The electrical power of conscious activity once created the territory — a configuration of space — describing the body of possession with transparent boundaries under voltage.
The Boundaries of the Territory Under Voltage

Here, within these territorial limits, laws of the inalienable right to own oneself are being approved. In full or shared solitude. It is not spelled out in papers but is unspokenly guessed as a privilege to be different.

Here, unique fragments of experience and heritage, as in a kaleidoscope, add up to unique ownership.

Sometimes the reflection is far more present than the thing it reflects.
Here there's no return the same way you came.

New Horizons