We do not declare anything so far. The results of our creative work represented here is the Stream of Consciousness studying itself and the being in the actual moment, which brings sudden, random discoveries, insights and assoсiations.
In our travel along various manifestations of human memory we appeal to artefacts of ancient times and perplexing phenomena. We document something like that right now - these are the tracks of a mindful presence in our archeological layer. It is a game of cognition - though in the admitted agnosticism of the world - in the attempts to understand where we come from, what we are and where we are going to. The basis of this puzzle is hypothetical belief in other worlds and dimentions in the multiverse. Sometimes it is longing for the future in the past, the never came true ideas that remained in the ideal world in its ghost-like hauntological sense. Sometimes this future is real.
We take spontaneous material of the most significant images, emerging collective reminiscence, archetypes, and we build on this hypertext thus this subtle process turns into an interesting story.

The results of our trips are presented in a land art photo stuff and the documentation of the process.
The preplanned actions comprise only a half of the created work, the rest comes en route, natural "ready made" objects found on spot go into play as well. A mirror
is a frequent basis of our installations, it serves as a "golden standard" of self-awareness. Mirror coverage of the objects refers to the similar idea.
We get inspiration from ethnographic monuments and mythology. The beauty of the landscapes, scientific studies on the consciousness and our vision of the humankind like a single neuro network go as a background of our trips. The live nature turns a parnter in our searchings together with people that we are greatful for their help in the process.

We express our particular gratitude to Alex Ievlev, Andrew Gelishvili and Iliah Vorobоjev for the assistance in the road and technical support.