New Horizons
In twilight when the stars appear
High above my head
I see the billions years' past
But what a paradox -
I feel vibrations of the future.
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #15 "Book of the North" _ 01
The only biospecies looking over the horizon.

I am the part of these stars in body
Which is made up of elements of their matter.

The Dark Matter and Light
Like stars with planets going round,
The basic particles move constantly in me.
The spinning systems - lex universalis.
The rocky asteroids and commets in the open space -
The empty sacred space between the atoms -
All set in order with blissful sadness of thy melting ego.
This day is my eternal snapshot. Where shall I go away and when? Nowhere to and never. I am what I am, I am all that has been, that is or shall be... This type of energy is Dark or the Unknown.

The Dark Matter and the Light,
The mirrors of my peace,
The shrine in which I do exist
No one can contradict it... or confirm.
But only my awareness can,
Being veiled by the unseen "to be".

The Songs of The Electro Sirens
The Spirit of the New