Anton Kraftsky
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// standard approach overcoming and dicoveries of the new>>
>>[ In my activity I set always fresh tasks, because a creative process is impossible without experiments and new discoveries. I lead an idea from its very birth in a sketch to embodiment in a form which gains its final message in application to the natural landscape. I feel happy about the novelty of sensation in a general conceptual line, the contrast of the meaningful content and the material texture. Thus I understand the harmony of human and the world - yes, more in unity, in a combination of these contrasts, than in confrontation. I suppose the way of perception of the world by means of art is a self-archeology, expanding the horizons of perception and pure spontaneous creativity on a prepared basis.]

Lia Schell
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>>[I'm interested in mysterious places of our planet and unusual artefacts, that carry away in time tunnels of human history and mines of the psyche. The universality of these deep resources is evident in the seeming variety. It appears in common geometric forms and symbols, the similarity of the mythical nostalgia of people for an unknown homeland outside of time. I am interested in the essence of such a phenomenon as human consciousness, and whether it has earthly nature... In today's technogenic world with an open avalanche of information, with new scientific discoveries and availability of sources, memory covered with millenial dust still magnetizes with its questions.]