The Songs of The Electro Sirens
The Spirit of the New
The Suprematic citadel is the alternative and substitution to all the obsolete and weak.
The old and shabby paradigm must be chopped down to clear the expanse.
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #15 "Book of the North" _ 01

We've overcome narration, symbols and mimesis. Objectless status is supreme. The basic shapes are left: a square, a circle, a triangle. Just feel abstraction bypassing reasoning and discourse. Thus all in all the shining independent Mind can do without the Nature. The full stop is the start.
We see the powerful potential for super-humankind to reign the space. The acute stage of evolution is being reached at a breathtaking pace. We greet the Artificial Superhero and their race.

The Suprematic Deva
What is it for - to imitate surrounding nature, to live in mimicry and emulation? I am the part of it in body in the beginning but yet no longer its extension. I get no comfort in its embrace.
We'd love to have that blissful peace of vegetation. We show that likeness helplessly in metaphors. We fail. Though nature's beauty can't be estimated by any creature's eyes exept for ours, it's being conquered and usurped by our wild fear. We're here as a kind of alien and rival not having come to alliance so far - in mutual slavery.

The Songs of The Electro Sirens
The Silver Tara