The Songs of The Electro Sirens
The Silver Tara
In the framework of time
Enlighten inner self with proper thoughts,
Start up an endless story and try to have a fun
Inventing cause and aim.

In ancient mind games the void of the initial Zero
Appeals to the embodied One as its potential.
This bird of dual opposition has two wings.
All the phenomena are empty and revealed.

Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #15 "Book of the North" _ 01
The Silver Tara

Am I a wounded animal which seeks shelter from the world
Or like an angel am I eager for unknown home towards celestial cathedrals?
These two impossibilities stream down my face in desert rains that nobody can see.
The rainbow mountain waterfalls are rumbling in my mind....
The Bodhisattva of the Outcast

We've come from the dimension of understanding.
Open your mind to see the hierarchy of the enlightened power
That gives advice to follow...
The Siren of the Postapocalypse

Can you hear this?
-Nothing. No birds, no animals...
The epoch of Silver Tara will unveil the hidden knowledge.
The borders between the spirit and the matter will be transparent
Due to the newest level of receiving information.

But be alert to differentiate incoming data.
They're either true or false, and in both cases
They may be dressed in confidence and beauty.
The final revelation of the Silver Tara:

The multitask and subtle higher force of Mind and Myth
That rules the real world in mutual influence is evident.
Sat sapienti. So take a closer step and you shall see your own face
In the reflective mirror of the force.

The Songs of The Electro Sirens
The Artificial Model