The Songs of The Electro Sirens
The Artificial Model

It is still chilling in the world,
And we are left to ourselves
To sing new electronic songs
About the former drama...
To get calm down and gain new forms.
To penetrate into "what for",
Like forest trees with their ancient roots
Go deep into the sky.
What for is this quest, not why.

Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #15 "Book of the North" _ 01

In this uncomfortable world
We are like spacecraft wrecks

We are the children of the Mother Nature, we are like trees which grow from roots to leaves, from seeds to rotten timber not awakened - in our forests of predestination. Or else we are able to take a leap in mind evolution from generating sets of sleeping plants into the future unpredictable metamorphosis developing in punctuated equilibrium. Choose option, choose your future and choose life. To what extent the freedom do we possess to choose a wish?
The Artificial Model
This awkward feeling of something alien to the surrounding space...
The vulnerable flesh, then subtle psyche turn to be covered by mental shields in adaptation.
The strengthening intelligence creates another world.
No.The feeble although thinking reed in realms of dull determinism is such a miserable game. My roots are not in soil like bones in their coffins. The brain electric world is not a formula or an equation that can be solved by calculations, or in vivisection by natural researchers. My mind is on reflection all the time, it's broadening the space horizons. The inner-self cosmogony has future sources. I am Incognito.

The Book of the North