Calypso, in the ancient Greek mythology, is a nymph from the the Island Ogygia in the far West where Odysseus appered rescued from his shipwreck. There in the island he spent 7 years with her in a cool grotto. Being a guardian on the boarder between the worlds of live and dead, she offered him eternal youth and immortality. Few know that etymologically the word "calypso" means "cerement", a covering vestment... in the Odyssey's way back home.
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"Verily thou art a knave, and not stunted in wit,
That thou hast bethought thee to utter such a word.
Now therefore let Earth be witness to this,
And the broad heaven above, and the down-flowing water of the Styx,
Which is the greatest and most dread oath for the blessed gods,
That I will not plot against thee any fresh mischief to thy hurt.
Nay, I have such thoughts in mind, and will give such counsel,
As I should devise for mine own self, if such need should come on me.
For I too have a mind that is righteous,
And the heart in this breast of mine is not of iron,
But hath compassion."

Homer, Odyssey. Book V
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