Figures Revealed

"I then imagined that we have something within us that is like an adjustable mirror. It reflects whatever it is directed towards. If it is left weak and slack, focusing on the lower aspects of the world, it will reflect only shadows, dangers, adversities. If with a little effort we manage to turn it upwards, even if only towards the horizon, its field of vision will considerably expand and without losing sight of the shadows, it will also see luminous horizons and many interesting beings and things, worth taking into consideration. The soul will expand its possibilities of perception and therefore its ability to discern, decide and act.

If with a firm will we turn the mirror even higher upwards, the adversities of the world will disappear and a heaven of light will bring beauty and joy to our hearts. We will be naturally disposed towards success and joy, and wisdom will unfold, revealing true marvels as well as the hidden causes of the visible things..."

"Jorge Angel Livraga "The Inner Mirror"
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This is a one of the first series accomplished with a sketch, supplied with the idea of a central disc a bit later. The work was realised on spot in the open air. As we began setting the figures all of a sudden there flew out a big eagle above them. So it remained a real myth in our memory as we numb with delight didn't manage to take a photo of it.
"...We achieve our very subtle understanding of other people thanks to certain collections of special cells in the brain called mirror neurons. These are the tiny miracles that get us through the day. They are at the heart of how we navigate through our lives. They bind us with each other, mentally and emotionally."

Marco Iacoboni. Mirroring People. The Science of Empathy And How We Connect To Others
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"... It can be unsettling to learn about the power of the mirroring system. And in fact, the discovery of our mirroring ability challenges some traditional assumptions about how our brains and bodies are wired. Vittorio Gallese, a neurophysiologist in the Parma lab, described the role of the mirroring system in human interactions this way: "The neural mechanism is involuntary, with it we don't have to think about what other people are doing or feeling, we simply know."

Lea Winerman, The Mind's Mirror, Monitor on Psychology 36, n 9 (2005): 40

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S E A_ I N S I D E
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"These empathy neurons connect us to other people, allowing us to feel what others feel. And since these neurons respond to our imagination, we can experience emotional feedback from them as if it came from someone else. This system is what allows us to self-reflect. The mirror neuron does not know the difference between us and others… and it is the reason why we are so dependent of social validation and why we want to fit in.".

"Athene`s Theory of Everything"

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I N_ T W I L I G H T _
The Sunset In the Presence of the Beholder
"We not only imitate the behavior of others, but also come into resonance with their feelings - that is, with the inner mental flow of their consciousness. We feel not only their next action, but also emotional energy, which sets the direction for actions. The resonance system includes interlinked mirror neurons, the upper part of the temporal cortex, islet of Reil, and the medial prefrontal cortex. Based on sensory information, we are able to mirror not only the behavioral intentions of other people, but also their emotional state".

Daniel J. Siegel. Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation

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T H E _ L I G H T_ O F _ T H E _U N K N O W N
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D E A _ S I L V A R U M
"Each man has a hole in his soul whose measure is God"

Jean-Paul Sartre

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A U R O R A _B O R E A L I S
I am what I am, I am all that has been, that is or shall be...

The Horizon Fluctuations