There are two types of silence. One is healing and enlightening, opening up resources and connecting with a higher understanding. There is no loneliness in it, but rather unity, binding, like tissue from many threads, or synapses between neurons. It is a creative approach that is part of a grand whole.

All the participants in this party comprise an amazing symphony of silence. In the silence of this level, a kind of preverbal kinship is revealed. Consciousness exists in the integrity of each subjective part of knowledge, which in vibration breaks up into jigsaw puzzles.
Silence in the practice of vipasana focuses attention on observing primarily yourself and your "non-your-own" thoughts. Personality as a social stratification gives way to essence and productive depersonalization occurs. The personality in the mind has a horizontal gaming basis, while the essence reaches the vertical range in its hidden core. Such conditions are introspective and give awareness of mental processes, they have a lot of therapy and self-connection, eliminating distortions of the world. In such silence, the actions of the authentic Self occur, subjective meaning opens. After all, the objective one doesn't fully exist, does it?
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth 04
Puzzle of Silence
Waves of Ionospere
Silence Catchers sublime to the waves of ionosphere
There is another type of silence. This may be the answer to the question: refusal, distraction, consent, understanding, detachment, hostility, emptiness, the manifestation of silent love. Silence can be a great love but still showing itself through signs.
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth 04
Silence Catcher
And in this dialogue, as in the case o f a monologue, it will be dangerous or salvatory to project, to transfer one's own state or speculation in order to understand the truth. Some, or even many, see this illusion as beneficial in what reflects their own positive expectations.
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth 04
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth 04
Then in fact the participants of this kind of a dialogue seems to occur in a conversation with themselves. Can there be an answer in the search for the Supreme Intelligence that is independent of the asking mind?

Invisible Circuit