„To think is to confine yourself to a single thought that one day stands still like a star in the world's sky."

Martin Heidegger

It is held that 'Being' is of all concepts the one that is self-evident. Whenever one cognizes anything or makes an assertion, whenever one comports oneself towards entities, even towards oneself, some use is made of 'Being'; and this expression is held to be intelligible 'without further ado', just as everyone understands "The sky is blue', 'I am merry', and the like.

"If Dasein, in its concern, brings something close by, this does not signify that it fixes something at a spatial position with a minimal distance from some point of the body. When something is close by, this means that it is within the range of what is proximally ready-to-hand for circumspection. Bringing-close is not oriented towards the I-Thing encumbered with a body, but towards concernful Being-in-the-world — that is, towards what-ever is proximally encountered in such Being. It follows, moreover, that Dasein's spatiality is not to be defined by citing the position at which some corporeal Thing is present-at-hand."

Martin Heidegger "Being and Time "
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Being and time determine each other reciprocally, but in such a manner that neither can the former-Being - be addressed as some-thing temporal nor can the latter -Time - be addressed as a being.
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Time is not a thing, thus nothing which is, and yet it remains constant in its passing away without being something temporal like the beings in time.
This very moment seized in one act of attention always remains attached to a spectator, but keeps on changing its traits in time as a dot turns into a line in conception but still it is a dot.
What remains at this moment is the subjective attention, intention to focus and an object attracting it. So the existential moment is undevided from mindfull concentration.
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth 04
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth 04
Because temporality is horizonally constitutive for the clearedness of the "there", temporality is always primordially interpretable in the "there" and is accordingly familiar to us. The making-present which interprets itself, addressed in the 'now' — is what we call 'time'.

Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth 04

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