KultuuriKauppila Art Centre
Finland, 2020

For the main exhibition's topic symbilizing active meditative state we offered art object "In Silence" as a replica in the design of James Webb infrared space telescope by NASA. The mirror is a deep symbol of Mind, a tool of knowledge and reflection of what a person can see and thus can cognize. All optics in telescopes basically have mirrors in the construction. So the allusion to James Webb telescope is also a metaphor for silent observation of the Universe were our lonely home is situated. Widening our consciousness in learning the space we can see more precisely our own planet's problems not even from a bird's-eye view but at a much higher distance. We can glimpse backwards at Earth and see how it is magnificent and so vulnarable at the same time. Wе can also see the birth of the Universe back in time and interstellar sights. The art objects "Silence Catchers" also presented in the KulttuuriKaupila art space in Ii, Finland, placed in its beautiful nordic environment hanging on tree branches comprise the composition for meditation.

Photos: Inka Hyvönen

The opening of the personal exhibition "In Silence" at KulttuuriKauppila (Ii, Finland) in January, 2020, was the first show experience to the project "Asteroidea" in the framework of art residence program. Many thanks to Inka Hyvönen and Jetta Huttunen for their supporting work in organization and presentation of the art show's opening the to the public. We thank also Kaisa Kerätär and Antti Yulönen, Sanna Koivisto and other guests for coming, and those who came afterwards, and for sharing our penetration into the result of artistic silence. We deeply appreciate the sound works of our friends, electronic sound composers, Snezhana Reizen and Vadim Rumyantsev in their part of creating the atmosphere.
The total installation was devouted to Silence as the main creative force reflecting the world in unique new way through the lences of conciousness. The subliming gist of this ability accompanies natural being though demands responsibility in taking care of the cosmos we live in deliviring it from chaos of neglecting.
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth 04
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth 04
KulttuuriKauppila runs an international artist residency, produces the Art Ii Biennial and Valto Pernu Photo Marathon and provides studios for local artists. The centre aims to improve artists' skills, belongs to international art networks and produces an international art–education. The edifecies of workshops of KulttuuriKauppila were launched for reconstruction after great fire by Sanna Koivisto for the purposes of artists global creative work.
The work in KultuuriKauppila art residence lasted for one month, was performed in the local workshop and Finnish rural area sceneries where several art objects, video and photo of the installations in the invironment were created during that period, and afterwards presented to the public as the result of the planned work together with spontaneous ideas.
The base of the object was made out of a wooden panel to make the object solid and stable
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth 04
Art Residence Workshop
Mounting of the installation in the "Ranni Gallery" window in Oulu for the opening of the exhibition
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth 04
Oulu, Finland, 2020

City Exhibition Hall
Karelia, 2021