Transition Points

"It is the soul which, by the divine creative power inherent in it, makes the metaphysical assertion; it posits the distinctions between metaphysical entities, not only is it the condition of all metaphysical reality, it is that reality. … In the initiation of the living, however, this "Beyond" is not a world beyond death, but a reversal of the mind's intentions and outlook, a psychological "Beyond" or, in Christian terms, a "redemption" from the trammels of the world and of sin. Redemption is a separation and deliverance from an earlier condition of darkness and unconsciousness, and leads to a condition of illumination and releasedness, to victory and transcendence over everything "given."…Anyone who penetrates into the unconscious with purely biological assumptions will become stuck in the instinctual sphere and be unable to advance beyond it, for he will be pulled back again and again into physical existence.….But this eschatological goal is what be himself brings to birth as the last and highest fruit of the labours and aspirations of earthly existence. This view is not only lofty, it is manly and heroic."

Carl Gustav Jung. Psychological commentary on "Bardo Thodol. "
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth 01
Scientists have not come to a unified conclusion for what purpose the northern labyrinths were created and there are a number of versions some of which are rationally colorless, meanwhile there are also those very curious - for instance that the labyrinth is a transition between the world visible to the transcedent one and differernt dimention. It can be an ancient installation, displaying wanderings of the soul or subconsciousness along the winding roads of being to the destination point - to Self. And this transition in the ancient people's viewpoint is not at the end of a straight line, but appears as the energy center of concentric moves. Fingerprints of a person are also symbolically similar to the ancient labyrinths, so that all people are likely to have their own unique lines of movement and transition points.
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth 04
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth 04
Contemporary art project "Asteroidea" seria #09 "Transition Points"_ labyrinth panorama
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