"It cannot be invented,- Jung wrote, - The symbols of the self arise in the depths of the body and they express its materiality every bit as much as the structure of the perceiving consciousness. The symbol is thus a living body, corpus et anima...The circle is a symbol of the psyche (even Plato described the psyche as a sphere). ...The square (and often the rectangle) is a symbol of earthbound matter, of the body and reality."
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The Lake of Tranquility
The Сircle is the figure of infinity, the ideal Absolute and perfection, represents an endless line, embracing the eternity with the space and time continuum. The most ancient places of worship were in the form of a circle: bonfires, altars, labyrinths, sacrificial stones, fortifications.

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In the coldness of the primary the long road of the worlds stretches to the unknown.
In most traditions Cosmos, as an ordered space of life, appears in the form of a ball, in the projection it is depicted in the form of a circle. This is a Gothic rose, and the nimbuses of Christian saints - the symbol of the soul and the spiritual world. The idea of a cyclic time as well, or a snake biting its tail, is the essence of processes that do not have beginning and end. In the Tibetan mandala, the outer circle symbolizes the integrity of the universe, and the square inserted in it is the space of the inhabited world, while the circle inside the square is represented as the sacred object of veneration of a personal psyche - all the sequense is conceptualized in a Yantra. In the Western tradition, the idea of the synthesis of these geometric figures is embodied in the notion of quadrature of a circle. In Zen Buddhism, where there is no concept of God, the circle becomes a symbol of enlightenment.

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T H E_ P L A C E
Zero is a mathematical sign expressing the absence of significance of a category, it plays an exceptionally important role in mathematics and physics. The Mayans used zero in their vicenary (consisting of 20 digits) numbering system almost a millennium before the Indians, and for the designation they took the symbol of an empty shell. The same sign of the Mayan mathematics described also infinity, since it corresponded to the concept of "beginning", "cause", and the numeration of the days of the month began from the zero day in their calendar.

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Before unity there is only emptiness, zero, or nonexistence, an absolute mystery, a potential not yet differentiated, that is the incomprehensible primary source of all the world's magnitudes. It has the image of the Cosmic Egg ("ovum" in Latin) in the cosmogony of ancient myths, and the nonrandom form of zero is the oval. Zero delimits positive and negative numbers - paired oppositions lose their properties in unity and get mutually eliminated. Zero is the basis of computer binary code, has unique mathematical and semantic features. Adding zero and subtracting zero does not affect the number in any way, but multiplying by 0 gives zero. Division by zero is a system error. The position of zero to the right from other numbers increases the number by one order. Zero plays an exceptionally important role in mathematics and physics.

So why does the notion of "nothing" have such an impact? The symbol of absence or emptiness suddenly acquires a unique abstract status as a mathematical model and as a philosophical category participating in the description of the physical world.

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