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Since ancient times, the stars have been taken as some kind of intelligent beings that exert a constant influence on the world. The term "astral" probably dates back to the Scythian Aistaer - "star", the Hittite Haster, or the Assyrian Istar. The morning or evening star is a symbol of the Akkadian goddess Ishtar (Astarta), the ancient German Ostar or Eostra (compare the word "easter", "star"), which corresponds to the Roman Aurora. The bright and morning star serves as the symbol of Christ by John the Evangelist (Rev. 22:16), and plays the same role in the cult of Mithras and Krishna. The stars near the Polar Star were particularly worshiped: they were considered "eternal" because they did not descend to the west. The circular motion around the Polar star (the axis of the world) serves as a visible image of the unchangeable cosmic order. In many mythologies stars are understood as the souls of the dead who have risen to heaven. In ancient Egypt, the pharaoh after his death was identified with the North Star.
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A S T E R O _ I D E A
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E R A S E D _ M E M O R Y _R E M N A N T S
Oblivion is an indispensable condition of memory. Forgetting is not accidental, it is the result of the displacement of some unpleasant representations into the sphere of the unconscious. These facts come into conflict with censorship of the Ego or the Super-Ego and find no place in consciousness, as they are traumatic, disturbing, unpleasant, sometimes posing a threat to life. Unnecessary pain gravitates as silt on the bottom of Lethe. Then we can say that "oblivion - this is the lightest thing that a person has ...", which can make the passed events nonexistent. Ideas about them can be forgotten, but they can also be spotlighted by awareness of their cause and thus disidentificated with the Ego. Collective oblivion is the process of evolution of the human consciousness, while human memory servers store what is probably to be rediscovered and reconsidered.
Does everything that is forgotten really disappear?

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Reminiscences are significant fragments of memory, illustrating its selectivity in things that once touched the psyche by valuable experience and illumined by an indelible impression, became part of the soul. The withered features of the past fade into black, the obsolete foliage of mistakes goes down. And sacred images, treasures of the heart, like receptacles of the exquisite, eternal and clear Memory, remain.

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L O C U S _ O B L I V I O N I S

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